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The Great Indian Election Saga begins

Election workers in India traveled 300 miles over 4 days to set up a polling booth — for one voter. The world’s largest electoral exercise began this month in India and will take place in seven phases over a 38-day period. Results will be announced on May 23. Nearly 900 million people are eligible to vote, and India is committed to reaching them all, no matter where they live.

– The Washington Post. All the numbers involved in this greatest exercise of democracy in the world are impossible to fathom.

The bizarre and brilliant rules for naming new stuff in space

It must come from a character in Greek or Roman mythology who was either a descendant or lover of the god known as Zeus (in Greek) or Jupiter (Latin). It must be 16 characters or fewer, preferably one word. It can’t be offensive, too commercial, or closely tied to any political, military or religious activities of the past 100 years. It can’t belong to a living person and can’t be too similar to the name of any existing moons or asteroids. If the moon in question is prograde (it circles in the same direction as its planet rotates) the name must end in an “a.” If it is retrograde (circling in the opposite direction), the name must end in an “e.”

The Washington Post. Even when sky isn’t the limit, there are some rules.

Seven secrets to lasting career satisfaction

  • Values. What do I like to do? What brings out my best?
  • Vision. How do I want to grow? What do I want to create for myself?
  • Competency. What do I bring to the table? What value do I have, and how should this grow over time? What do I need to get to the next level?
  • Relationships. Who’s supporting me? Who’s in my posse? Who gives me resilience and validation? And who can I learn from?

Executive Coach. I recently changed my job and subconsciously asked myself these questions before I did.

Far from her homeland, my mother finds comfort at a Patel Brothers grocery store

Patel Brothers never asks her to be anyone except who she is. The store carries no meat, meaning my mom can breathe deeply. Every aisle is open to her. Conversations with staff can take place in an easy blend of English and Gujarati or Hindi, her now preferred method of conversation. It’s possible to say, “Where is the jeeru?” and get an answer. At Whole Foods, she must remember to ask for cumin.

The Washington Post. A true ‘crossing borders crossing cultures’ story that’s evocative of every immigrant’s experience even after they’ve been here for a long time.

Suicides among Veterinarians

Another key driver of this suicide crisis: Veterinarians are consistently asked to act as animal undertakers. Euthanizing their clients can cause what a recent study referred to as ethical conflict and moral distress, which arises when vets are forced to put aside their expert opinions and accept pet owners’ decisions about if and when to put their animals down. More so, this proximity to death makes dying seem like a reasonable way to ease suffering.

The Washington Post.

This is a harrowing and sad read. One of the causes is also the disparity between vet school tuition and potential earnings.