Applied Research

  • Co-Researcher and Consultant in drafting grant proposal in partnership with the Center for Transportation Research (CTTR) at Texas Southern University for providing consulting services for updating comprehensive and regionally coordinated transportation plan and in facilitating stakeholder and public involvement including outreach for an appropriate transportation needs assessment and needs prioritization for the East Texas Council of Governments.
  • Co-Investigator in a grant proposal for Small Town Brownfields Revitalization Pilot Project using Charettes with senior academic researchers from Georgia Tech and Urban Collage, Inc., Atlanta.
  • Co-Researcher in the analysis of environmental and economic sustainability of New Orleans and Louisiana coast resettlement and examination of impact and remedial measure for contaminated lands in hurricane-prone regions of Louisiana prepared in part for comprehensive redevelopment proposal. Report was presented to the City of New Orleans as part of redevelopment process post-Katrina in terms of sustainability principles.
  • Co-Researcher for the EPA Communities and the Built Environment program (EPA-G2006-STAR-H1) titled, Redevelopment of Contaminated Sites for Affordable Housing: A Risk Assessment with senior academic researchers at Texas A&M University.
  • Co-Investigator in analyzing economic feasibility and financing for Greenpoint-Williamsburg Waterfront Development, Brooklyn, New York with senior academic researchers at Georgia Tech, Atlanta. Prepared report that allowed for drafting a redevelopment plan for dilapidated districts in New York City that included analyses of the urban form suitable for waterfront redevelopment from the perspective of historic preservation.
  • Co-Chair of Student Committee for a National Student Design Competition for Sustainability Focusing on People, Prosperity, and the Planet (Funding O.N. EPA-G2006-P3-Z6 Built Environment) titled, A Model for Sustainable Urbanisms in Threatened Regions: Rebuilding a Sustainable Gulf Coast at Texas A&M University.
  • Founder and curator of the Urban Planning Blog, maintained since October 2005. Listed in the top 50 blogs in Urban Planning at Planetizen and included in the Open Directory Project.
  • Debate Adjudicator: Treatise: The International Thought Challenge, the Annual International Business Conclave of Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Lucknow on the theme of Sustainable Development: Fuelling the Future.